Independent Business Opportunities
Sparkling Stargazer - Silver Rhinestone Necklace
Urban Royalty - Gold Chain Necklace
Stellar Stardom - Gold Star Necklace ⭐
Bravo Bravado-Silver Layered Necklace
Backed Into A Corner-Brass Square Necklace
SCARFed for Attention-Silver Chain Necklace
Starlit Socials-Silver Necklace
Sold Out
5th Avenue Fleek-Blue Necklace
Summer Showdown-Purple Necklace
Sold Out
Glow Down In Flames-Silver Fan Style Earrings
Lunar Lotus-Pink Layered Necklace
Sold Out
Laying Down The Groundwork-Pink Layered Necklace
Flirty Foxtrot-Pink Necklace
Make Waves-Silver and Rhinestone Adjustable Ring
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