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manga5 months ago
$ 5.00
I have , Eden zero(fairy tail), goblin slayer 1-6 demon slayer 1-11, one punch man 16-19 creature girls and more ALL MANGA ARE $5 LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! ENDS 4/7/20(purchase over $30 comes with a $25 Barnes and noble gift card????)Los Angeles, California, United States
AP Chemistry Study Guide NEW5 months ago
$ 10.00
Ordered the wrong book a few months ago. Book is NEW and has not been used. Can meet. Synopsis: Test Prep Books' AP Chemistry 2020 & 2021: AP Chemistry Review Book and Practice Questions for the Advanced Placement Chem Exam Made by Test Prep Books experts for test takers trying to achieve a great score on the AP Chemistry exam. This comprehensive study guide includes: Quick Overview: Find out what's inside this guide! Test-Taking Strategies: Learn the best tips to help overcome your exam! Introduction: Get a thorough breakdown of what the test is and what's on it! Atomic Structure and Properties Molecular and Ionic Compound Structure and Properties Intermolecular Forces and Properties Chemical Reactions Kinetics Thermodynamics Equilibrium Acids and Bases: Applications of Thermodynamics: Practice Questions: Practice makes perfect! Detailed Answer Explanations: Figure out where you went wrong and how to improve! El Paso, Texas, United States
antique books2 weeks ago
$ 75.00
Early 1900s letters and notes of the presidents and the Blue and Grey civil war books.Huntington, Indiana, United States
ESL level 39 months ago
$ 25.00
Side by side plus three books are available on ESL level 3 .All are in good conditionGlendale, California, United States
Spiderman Comic signed by Campbell8 months ago
$ 50.00
signed by Campbell Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows 1 i live in parkland 19047 langhorneLanghorne, Pennsylvania, United States
Johnny cash2 years ago
$ 20.00
autobiography by Frank Moriarty6911 Estate Rd, Lakeland, FL 33809, USA, null, United States
The Bantam New1 year ago
$ 3.00
The Bantam New College Italian & English Dictionary by Robert C. MelziLa Habra, California, United States
EsL level49 months ago
$ 45.00
sixth edition grammer 3 in context it looks like new its used for level4 and5Glendale, California, United States
guitar magazines4 months ago
C$ 7.00
joe satriani, metallicas master of puppets, randy rhodes, *world exclusive eddies back, *holiday issue with zakk wylde, jimmy paige & jack white, and *tom morello with * is still in package great conditionSaanich, British Columbia, Canada
Let Them Speak10 months ago
$ 7.00
Let Them Speak for Themselves Women in the American West, 1849-1900 Christiane Fischer 1977La Habra, California, United States
Playboy's 50 ye8 months ago
$ 20.00
All the classic cartoons that where in the magazines are collected within a single bound book. Great for a gift for a quirky someone we all know. iconicCitrus Springs, Florida, United States
edicion23 Diccionario de Especialidades Agroquima8 months ago
$ 150.00
2013 70th Aniversario New Braunfels, Texas, United States
Beginners Learning Phoenics7 months ago
$ 15.00
$15 for all. located haydenHayden, Alabama, United States
DC Comic Book1 year ago
$ 2.00
Jemm Son Of Saturn #6 Comic Book (DC Comics, 1984) # Jemm Son Of Saturn Comic Books # Jemm Son Of Saturn # DC Comics # Vintage Comic Books # Comic Books # Vintage Books # Books #Los Angeles, California, United States
Angels star Jennifer murgia3 months ago
C$ 20.00
newChilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Let Us Now Prai1 year ago
$ 5.00
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men The American Classic, in words and photographs, of three tenant families in the deep south by James Agee-Walker EvansLa Habra, California, United States
Sweetwater Cree12 months ago
$ 3.00
Sweetwater Creek by Anne Rivers SuddonsLa Habra, California, United States
English Grammar9 months ago
$ 17.00
English Grammar volume A fourth edition is used to improve grammer skills in intermediate and advanced esl classesGlendale, California, United States
The little prince8 months ago
Sold Out
C$ 3.00
it's a book for all age groups. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Superman1 year ago
$ 2.00
Behold! The Millennium Giants! Superman: Man Of Steel #78 Comic Book (DC Comics, 1998) # Superman Comic Books # Superman # DC Comics # Vintage Comic Books # Comic Books # Vintage Books # Books #Los Angeles, California, United States
Percy Jackson bundle4 months ago
$ 25.00
whole percy jackson original series, plus percy jackson greek gods encyclopediaWoodland, Washington, United States
The Laws of our12 months ago
$ 3.00
The Laws of our Fathers A Novel by Scott TurowLa Habra, California, United States
LIfe of Pi8 months ago
Sold Out
$ 3.00
Teen novelToronto, Ontario, Canada
PHR Study Guide5 months ago
$ 15.00
PHR Test prep books for sale. Both are new and never opened. Got the wrong items. Can meet. Call or Text or Email or Smoke signal if interested. The Professional in Human Resources (PHR) is a certification available to professionals who hold a position in Human Resources. The HR Certification Institute (HRCI) offers the PHR to professionals who have experience with program implementation, the human resources organizational structure, and HR practices. The exam covers a variety of human resources topics, like compensation and benefits, testing applicants’ mastery of concepts and foundational knowledge. The PHR is available to HR professionals in the United States. El Paso, Texas, United States
playboys1 year ago
$ 1.00
1970s - 2000s over 65 issuesIrvine, California, United States
The Dive from C12 months ago
$ 4.00
The Dive from Clausen's Pier A Novel by Ann PackerLa Habra, California, United States
Ploughshares St10 months ago
$ 2.00
Ploughshares Stories and Poems edited by Tim O'brien & Mark StrandLa Habra, California, United States
Eric Worre- GO PRO8 months ago
Sold Out
$ 3.00
7 steps to becoming a network marketing professionalToronto, Ontario, Canada
Teen Titans Go!1 year ago
$ 6.00
Teen Titins Go! Volume 2 & 3 Comic Books (DC Comics/Cartoon Network, 2000s) Both for $6 # Teen Titans Comic Books # Teen Titans # DC Comics # Cartoon Network # Cartoon Comic Books # Comic Books # Books #Los Angeles, California, United States
Angry Young Spaceman8 months ago
Sold Out
$ 3.00
it's a highly recommended book for young peers who needs to feel inspired by someone's accomplishments to Journey out of their comfort zone.Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Book's Rick Riordan8 months ago
$ 30.00
Greek Books new my son wasnt in to it all 3 Books for $30 woburn pick up or meet up or porch pick up firm price.Woburn, Massachusetts, United States
DC Comic Books1 year ago
$ 4.00
DC Blackest Night Comic Books (DC Comics 2009, 2010) Both for $4 # DC Blackest Night Comic Books # DC Blackest Night # DC Comics # Comic Books # Books # Los Angeles, California, United States
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