Pet Spa/Grooming
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646 High St, Elyria, OH 44035, USA, United States

Hello everyone welcome to Kenai Blu Beau Pet Spa! (we also have a Facebook group too!) Here's a little about us, our Pet Spa is home friendly meaning we are more than willing to travel to your home to give your fur-baby the best spa treatment (extra charge depending on location) or simply request an appointment at the groomers home at no extra charge! There is only one Spa groomer! Our name comes from Spa owners puppy Kenai Blu, who is a 3 year old Border Collie! The Spa includes a pet washing hose, pet friendly shampoos & conditioners, nail clippers, and of course the spa mascot Kenai Blu himself!! Our Spa is booking services for the next couple weeks! Please feel free to snoop around the page and message me for any information!

Please no soliciting!!

I do accept:





*Pet aggression will be taken into consideration*

Groomer also requires the Spa/Grooming cost to be paid in full when scheduling appointment!

Text me at 234.212.8827 ask for lexi!

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Pet Spa/Grooming
1 month ago | 3 views
646 High St, Elyria, OH 44035, USA, United States
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